2023 Chrysler Crossfire Engine Specifications, Price

2023 Chrysler Crossfire Engine Specifications, Price – They’re immediately connected and consider some rear-generate program also 3.2 V6 Engine. Everything much longer, there exist few AMG-fettled models of each single, identified because, correspondingly, that SLK32 equally properly while SRT-6.

The original-gen SLK did dropping out while the Chrysler, created by building corporation Karmann, went on stream in 2003, so even a later-dish Crossfire is a somewhat older design.

2023 Chrysler Crossfire Concept
2023 Chrysler Crossfire Concept

Nevertheless, it is for sale in coupe´ and convertible forms, though although the SLK is elegant, the 2023 Chrysler Crossfire appearance cumbersome, and the convertible is prettier.


While oxidation is a problem with both cars, the Karmann-constructed Crossfire is apt to be in better issue. Meanwhile, our £2995 example notwithstanding up, £5250 is where by clean 04-platter SLK320s with sensible mileages definitely are (and in many cases then, you must spending budget generously for several crucial refurbs). The exact cash is your passport to a world of good, reduced mileage, 06-reg Crossfire coupes, and convertibles.

2023 Chrysler Crossfire Redesign


Instead, think of the 2023 Chrysler Crossfire as a protected but calm GT. They have grippy 19in tires at the back and 18s at the front, combined with dual wishbone top revocation and a multiple-weblink rear set up-up. It’ll crack -62mph in 6.5sec when pushed but is most happy tootling in between 2600 and 5300rpm, where most of the engine’s torque is a throttle-squeeze away. It does have one particular, honestly sporty feature, even though: a lively spoiler that deploys at 60mph (you can run it personally, as well).

The supercharged SRT-6, with 330bhp and -62mph in 5.5sec and the suspension and braking system to fit, should sense very much sharper, and so it does – till you transform the steering wheel and feeling that recirculating soccer ball system.

2023 Chrysler Crossfire Exterior
2023 Chrysler Crossfire Exterior

A standard, 06-platter intelligent convertible with 50,000 a long way for approximately £5750 is our select, even though this version has long-term traditional published across it. The problem is, we have just observed a gen-two (completely galvanized body), 55-dish SLK350 auto with 62,000 kilometers, and complete assistance historical past for the very same money…

2023 Chrysler Crossfire Interior

The convertible is almost cost-free of scuttle shake. The electronic-collapsable material hood is weathertight and quiet. Really should move from shut down to look at in 22 secs. Before shutting down flush, verify the windows fall quickly. Which the hard tonneau deal with opens up to confess the hood.

The 2023 Chrysler Crossfire cabin is comfy – leather and oxygen-con are normal – but it is and plasticky because of the high midsection, challenging to see out of. Look for cars with the optionally available vehicle parking devices.

2023 Chrysler Crossfire Interior
2023 Chrysler Crossfire Interior

2023 Chrysler Crossfire Engine

So, awkward style and old mechanicals, but well-made, the best value. A decision of body styles and a 215bhp 3.2 V6 driving a vehicle. The rear rims via a half a dozen-speed guidebook gearbox the (a lot better) 5-velocity auto. But are traveling excitement an additional feature? Alas, no. Dozy recirculating tennis ball steering notices for that.

The Mercedes V6 takes seven liters of gas and 12 spark plugs, so the ingredient that in if assistance is thanks. If the engine gentle is on, examine the communicate control element. Flawed crank detectors on early on 04-reg cars suggest the engine turns but doesn’t flame. A rattly SRT-6 supercharger might just need to have a touch to reseat it.

2023 Chrysler Crossfire Price and Release Date

Although the powerhouse note from a supercar can’t warrant the 2023 Chrysler Crossfire’s selling price. However, select the auto, and you are going to pay £29,235. Which is £315 more than the all-new entrance-levels self-switching Mercedes SLK. If you decide on the German-created equipment, but it’s light several years.

Ahead of time in other values, of course, you will likely be giving up directly-collection performance. We don’t believe the Crossfire Roadster becomes. What is needed to set the wind up convertible competition, while it could feature the looks of a supermodel?

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